About Silent Control

The technology behind Silent Controls process analysis has itīs roots in the research at the Institute of Information Technology, Lunds Institute of Technology (LTH). Jonas Ahnlund Tord Bergquist

The research was carried out by the founders of Silent Control, Jonas Ahnlund and Tord Bergquist, in cooperation with several large swedish companies in heat and power, chemical, food, mining and metallurgy. For example Vattenfall, Sydkraft, LKAB, SSAB, Boliden, Kappa Kraftliner, Carl Bro Energikonsult m. fl.

Customer oriented research

Silent Controls process analysis combines the result from several different research areas; signal processing, mathematical statistics and artificial intelligence.

From the beginning, the research has been aiming to solve a problem which concerns many customers in their daily activities. Read about our projects.