Alarm analysis

Silent Controls alarm analysis (a so-called alarm cleanup) is an important first step to improve the alarm situation.

Silent Controls alarm analysis is foremost aiming at improving the current settings in the control system, with the purpose to reduce the amount of nuisance alarms. This could for example be to:

  • change values on alarm limits
  • adjust dead band settings
  • insert filters
But also more advanced methods are evaluated, such as:
  • predictive algorithms
  • logical alarm suppression

"For the burdened operator ONE alarm could be the difference between a continued production and a production stop!"

Jonas Ahnlund, CEO Silent Control


An alarm analysis is carried out in four steps:

Data logging. (Normally about 2 weeks of data.) Also, the current values for alarm limits and existing processing methods must be extracted.
Analysis with Silent Controls software. Here, the suggested improvements are obtained.
The analysis results are discussed with the operators and other personal with process knowledge. This takes less then one day to carry out.
The changes are applied into the existing system. No investments in new or add-on systems are necessary. The changes can be carried out during a planned stoppage.